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Carlos Lee posted on GODS OF THUNDER - Tribute to KISS's timeline
"Gods Of Thunder Rocked LasVegas yesterday! I have never heard of this Kiss tribute band before and I'm not sure if they were one of the bands that performed at the Kiss tribute band competition at the Hard Rock. But when I heard the band was going to be playing at the Broadacres Marketplace and event center in North LasVegas on the radio, I decided to set my alarm and make the 45 minute drive to check them out. Honestly since I had never heard of them I expected them to suck, but as a Kiss fan you got to support the cause.
I was running late and when I arrived the cashier at the ticket booth wouldn't take anything over a twenty dollar bill, all I had on me was a fifty dollar bill. Time was being wasted and I didn't want to miss the bands opening number. After asking fifteen different people for change some guy sympathized with me and made change for my bill and I finally entered the event and quickly walked to the stage.
When I rounded the corner I realized that the band had already started and was playing "Strutter." I also realized that once again I was the only black man at a Kiss gathering lol. The first thing I noticed about the band was how good their outfits were. Then I began to key in on their performance, swag, body movements and facial expressions. Their Kiss likeness was awesome.
Then for the next fifteen minutes or so I keyed in on the most important thing, the music. All I have to say is if someone put that audio of music on youtube without the video and said that it was an old Kiss concert from 1975 I would believe it. And this is coming from someone who has listened to the Alive album about five hundred thousand times. They sounded like Kiss!
I appreciated that they played songs like “Watching you” “Parasite” “Coming home” “Got to choose” and their version of “She” was great! Because as a fan, personally I want to hear more obscure songs. Songs like “Rock and roll all night” and “Shout it out loud” I don’t care for and in my opinion are more for the fair weather and non Kiss fans. But I also understand that they have to be played at these events. What was a disappointment for me was that they began to play “All American man” but stopped during the first verse for personal reasons. I was all set to jam to it and see if their Ace could nail that Bob Kulick Guitar solo lol. I would love to hear a great band like this play “the Oath” or “Speedin back to my baby or “Exciter.” Even something off of “Hot in the shade.” If I have an argument against all kiss tribute bands it would be that they don’t play enough non makeup material. Even though I’ve been a fan since 78’ musically the non makeup era is my favorite. That’s just my humble opinion.
A lot of tribute bands can dress up like Kiss and even perform the songs. But not all of them can capture the essence or perform with the true Kiss spirit. These guys did. They belong up there on stage. And even though I knew I had a radio interview the next morning to promote my new book I still didn’t care about the risk of losing my voice as I sang along to every song. And yes my voice is scratchy. But that just means that they did their job because if they didn’t I wouldn’t have stayed there in the windy cold for three sets to hear and watch them. I only wish that I had worn a cap to cover my shaved head. But each member was impressive and performed with passion.
Probably the best Gene performance I’ve seen of all the Kiss tribute bands. His facial expressions and his singing was on point. He sounded like Gene. I’ve never heard anybody sound so much like Gene as this tribute performer did. Some tribute bands Gene Simmons don’t normally interact with the audience but this Gene did. He was all about the audience and even made a few jokes on the mic. Which I thought was cool. He wasn’t even afraid to smile and have fun. But his Gene Simmons grin from ear to ear is wickedly just like Mr. Simmons himself. He’s got it.
The cat man totally delivered on drums and his performance. Best drum solo I’ve heard from any Kiss tribute band, never was it boring or dragged on. It was awesome with a little bit from Alive 1 and 2 and he wrapped it up with the cowbell beat that I’ve always loved from 75. Thank God he didn’t do the high hat solo that Peter does in the 78-79 tour lol. But what was also cool was him doing the accelerating train beat on the snare, just cool signature Peter Criss stuff. His drumming is perfect for the band even the tone of his drums sounded like the Alive era drum kit. He plays like Peter. You gotta see this guy play.
Ace was phenomenal! Of all the Guitar players in Kiss tribute bands this was the first time I found myself just staring at one of their fingers as they played. His guitar licks were exact, and he moved on stage just like the Ace man himself. His movements on stage reminded me more of Ace from the Dynasty era. Hands down he’s the best Ace and Ace guitar player of all the Kiss tribute bands. I loved his solo’s. When he performed Shock me, if you would have closed your eye’s you wouldn’t have known the difference. He captured Ace in every way shape and form.
When it comes to Kiss tribute bands you don’t always get to see a good Paul. You want someone who can sing, good sense of humor, someone whose comfortable with the audience when he raps on stage in between songs, someone who has the swag and confidence, and someone who can entertain but at the same time control the crowd just by saying “You all having a good time?” In this case their Paul delivered the goods and then some. This guy was all confidence and swag and had an awesome sense of humor. I appreciated how he kept showing love and acknowledgement to individuals in the audience “Hey thanks for coming out to see us today” he would say to some individuals, he also took the time to talk to a kid in the audience and show him appreciation. Some bands would think that they were to cool or above doing something like that, not these guys. For them it was all about giving back. I love that. It was cool how the Star child kept doing the signature Paul Stanley move by scratching and rubbing his hair with both his hands. I love that because as a Kiss fan it’s the little signature moves that count as well. He’s an awesome Paul Stanley, his singing, raps, stage performance, two thumbs way up. He even sang “Every time I look at you” to his wife in the audience. That’s class and shows again that it’s all about giving back.
I’m a rapper, a rapper who also doesn’t go to rock concerts or shows, but who’s a Kiss fan and supports Kiss causes. I say that to say this, even though I don’t normally go to rock shows, Gods Of Thunder are worth every penny for admission. When they come back to Vegas I will be happy to pay up to $50.00 for a ticket and be at the front of the stage singing along to every song. I also want to thank them for coming out to Vegas and rockin for us. I will be checking for their next LasVegas visit and look forward to it. Please come back soon I can’t wait to see you guy’s again.
"This is posted under Flaming Youth and/or the moniker for the album Detroyer on Amazon.com by me if the band members of Gods of Thunder are interested.

Except for Beth:

Which I have grown tired of after awhile because it was the only slow song on the album Destroyer (I'm not into that much sappy stuff) and even though I do very much like Peter Criss and his work and still believe that he didn't get the credit that he deserved event though he might disagree because after all he did leave the band and the same goes for Ace Frehley. I recently saw a tribute band called "Gods of Thunder" that are a tribute to Kiss and they did the song 'Flaming Youth' off of this album and after they sang it the lead singer told the audience that "nobody plays Flaming Youth anymore', it's a great song if you really listen to it, I thought that that was so cool that he said that. This show was at the OC Marketplace in Orange County California on 10/27/2012 (Saturday).

The other album that I don't think that they got enough credit for was the double set of Kiss (Double) Platinum. But if you disagree then so be it. But I digress because they have done a lot of great stuff over the years.

Gods of Thunder are a pretty awesome rendition of classic Kiss and you need to go check them out because I think they need to do more touring. The bassist even has a rendition of Gene's Battle Axe guitar which I think is awesome. They made a few mistakes here and there but who cares because it's Kiss even the original band made mistakes and I dig the fact that the bassist was wearing a pair of the original 'dragon boots' on stage. I hope to see them again. Next time I see them I gotta get me a picture of me standing next to the demon with that Battle Axe guitar (I forgot my camera dang it) and maybe a close up of those awesome dragon boots."