This is your page...submit your photos & video to us and you could see it on our website!!!  Come to our shows dressed in costumes, make-up or whatever over-the- top, insane, out of this world outfit you've got, and you could see yourself here as the 'ThunderGod Fan of the Month'!!!
Every month, we will vote on the fan that stood out the most at one of our shows and their picture will be put up here.  So go to the shows, have a great time and do something crazy to get recognized!!  Please, just keep it legal, we don't want anyone getting hurt or getting into trouble!!!!!

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Scroll down to see some of the "works of art" that our fans have submitted!!!

Just keep in mind, you don't have to be a professional photographer.  We will publish just about anything that you have put your heart & soul into...
These were taken by Roger Bernard at Martini Blues
in Huntington Beach.  Thanx for the GREAT pix!!
She's our ThunderGod Fan Of The Month For Feb '06
Thanx to Neal Shelton of Pump/Pyromania, we
now have a name to place with the face!!

Her name is BONNIE!!!  Thanx so much for posing
with us and for rockin' hard all nite long!!!!!
A collection of pictures
from Paladino's in 8/06 and the Galaxy 2/07. Taken by our friend Brian O'Connor.......better known as "MYSTERY SKULL".               Thanx Man!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!!
                                                                Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet,
you are our THUNDER GOD Fans of the Month for Apr, '07!!  We sincerely wish to thank the (approximately 1000+) fans who came out to see us..hopefully we'll be back in late Oct for a spooktacular                         show!  You are great and WE LOVE YOU!!!
These were the coolest kids at the Galaxy on Feb 9th and THEY'RE OUR THUNDER GOD FANS OF THE MONTH FOR FEB '08!!!
From left to right in the upper left pic:
Samantha, Erika, Devin & Benny!!!  YOU KIDS ROCK!!!!
Thanx to Lori Harris for sending us these pics from the Galaxy on Feb 9, 2008!!!!
YOU ROCK!!!!!!
Pics from Roger Bernard.  Shot at the OC Tavern
in San Clemente....March 15, 2008.

From Jacki....Pre show shot from Club 705 in Hermosa Beach!!!   THANX!!!
Our THUNDERGOD FAN of the Month For May '08!!!  She came up on stage with us and helped us rock during Firehouse!!!!

From John & Cathy Klein...Some pics from our show at McMurphy's Tavern!!!!
Pics of our very own AC Simmons with the MAN HIMSELF Gene Simmons....Pics courtesy of Arlene.  These were taken at Gene's Border's book signing on July 8th, 2008!!!

Thanx soooooo much Arlene!!!

Not quite sure who these are from, but they were shot at Paladino's.
Let us know if they're yours.........We'll be waiting.....
A collection of pics from our good friend
       Brian O'Connor!!!  These were taken at Fishlips in Bakersfield and Romano's Concert Lounge in Riverside!!!
Thanx....YOU ROCK!!
ALSO, read his review of us on the Contact Us the past reviews link.......GREAT REVIEW!!!!
Great Pics from Aniruddh Bansal!!!  Thanx you SO MUCH!!  These will also be posted on our MySpace page!!